By Marc Camoletti

Directed by Jonathan Humphreys

Set and costume design by Fabrice Serafino

Lighting design by Natasha Chivers

Music and sound by Ben and Max Ringham

Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, 2014

Photos © Mark Douet

“Director Jonathan Humphrey’s mathematical timing makes it all work like clockwork and Fabrice Serafino’s set looks stunning.” The Star

“...the design is beautifully simple, using the space of the main stage in an effective and cohesive way that sets the tone for the comedy with bright colours and five mystery doors.” FORGETODAY

“The cylindrical curves of Fabrice Serafino’s set suggests both the fuselage of an aircraft and the bottle of a lava lamp, and is upholstered in a shade of orange so violent it ought to be arrested. The uniforms evoke an era in which air stewardesses spent more time mixing martinis than doling out microwaved meals...” The Guardian